Frequently Asked Questions

After smoking, add some foil and it doubles as a sauce basting container always keeping your sauce piping hot for basting! Or fill with a little wine and place near burner side of grill! Easy cleanup for reuse. Fits in corner out of the way!  
It requires having two wedgies, one is always smoking then the second one replaces the first one while the first one cools down. This way you have plenty of time to refill and handle the next wedgie allowing you to re cycle two of them to any length of smoke you wish. You can also use heat-resistant gloves, but we…
The corners are purposely left untacked for temp warping purposes. We found that when welded the sides of the wedgie after time begins to warp dependent on how much heat the wedgie is exposed to in the grill and the top is very difficult to get on. We want the expansion and contraction feature.
Having trouble keeping your smokin wedgie lit? There are a number or possibilities. Wood pellets are just that, wood and the only thing that keeps wood from smoldering and burning is moisture, outside temperature, and lack of oxygen. Be sure when lighting the wedgie you get the pellets red glowing hot and smoking well. If the pellets go out and…


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