Add Smoke to Any Grill!

The Smokin Wedgie

Perfectly designed to fit on any grill. These work on any type of grill on the market to provide more smoke for your BBQ Grill.

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3 Steps to more flavor from any grill.

Load the Smoking Wedgie
Simply add your smoking pellets or even wood chips.

Light Your Wedgie
We use a simple torch but you may want to light yours with your grill, then move it.

Smoke Your Food
Move the Wedgie just out of the cooking area on your grill and the smoke will work its flavor magic on anything you cook.

Smoking Wedgie

About Smokin Wedgie

After researching the many smoking devices on the market we found that almost all had flaws.

Most of them when you placed the cover on snuffed themselves out and some flamed up and burned up immediately. Some Rolled around and are in the way, some are way too complicated just to produce smoke and some are hanging and very cumbersome.

We wanted to design one that would smoke for over two hours and produce heavy dense smoke and one that was hidden in the grill and out of the way staying put and not complicated.

The Smokin Wedgie works great in Gas Grills, Pellet Grills, Electric Smokers (like the Masterbuilt), Propane, and Charcoal Grills. 2 Pounds of pellets cranks out smoke for 6.5-7.5 hours to infuse your food with great smoke. If you're putting it on the bottom of a flat bottomed smoker, don't forget the Leg/Fee kit.


What is the best way to light the Smokin Wedgie?

The Smokin Wedgie can be lit with a variety of igniters. The most common is a simple plumbers torch.
The best way we have found to light the Smokin Wedgie is with an Electric Heat Gun, such as the Wagner HT1000 seen here.

What Else Can I do with the Smokin Wedgie

After smoking, add some foil and it doubles as a sauce basting container always keeping your sauce piping hot for basting! Or fill with a little wine and place near burner side of grill! Easy cleanup for reuse. Fits in corner out of the way!

What is the best way to do longer smoke periods?

To do longer smokes, you can simply refill the Smokin Wedgie. However, if it is very hot and you lack something to remove the lid, you could simply have two Smokin Wedgies so one is always smoking.Then the second one replaces the first one while the first one cools down. This way you have plenty of time to refill and handle the next wedgie allowing you to cycle two of them to any length of smoke you wish.

Why don’t you weld the corners of the wedgie?

The Smokin Wedgie's Stainless Steel construction is incredibly strong and it is unnecessary to do anything with the corners.

Why Does My Smokin Wedgie Go Out?

Having trouble keeping your smokin wedgie lit? There are a number or possibilities.
Wood pellets are just that, wood and the only thing that keeps wood from smoldering and burning is moisture, outside temperature, and lack of oxygen. Be sure when lighting the wedgie you get the pellets red glowing hot and smoking well. If the pellets go out and it is not very cold, look at potential moisture. If it is extremely cold outside you may have to get it warmed up and hold the torch on the pellets longer to really get the ignition going.
Our wedgie is the most aerated device on the market with perforated steel all around so if it does go out then something is extreme as the wood will not smolder, especially with the 5% moisture content in the wood pellets and the design of the pellets creating small air spaces around them and in the mass. Some air tight grills, such as Weber Kettle grills or Big Green Eggs will require you to prop the lid open to provide enough oxygen to keep the pellets smoldering.

What is the Smokin Wedgie Made Out Of?

All new Smokin Wedgies are made of Stainless Steel and will not rust.
We looked at a number of other alloys and virtually all have questionable off gassing, some metals from China looked good but were plated with alloys that they wouldn't identify. Galvanized has serious zinc off gassing and is claimed to be hazardous. This is why welders are concerned when welding galvanized steel and getting sick from it. Besides making the smoker much more expensive, it doesn't gain us much as making it out of stainless as it is meant to burn in a grill.
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