Add Smoke to Any Grill!

The Smokin Wedgie

Perfectly designed to fit on any grill. These work on any type of grill on the market to provide more smoke for your BBQ Grill.

Smoke = Flavor and tons of it!

Imagine a tool so simple to use but one that creates these kinds of real flavor results. It is magical!

3 Steps to more flavor from any grill.

1) Add pellets to the wedgie and place it on the grill.

2) Light your smokin wedgie

3) Cook your food as normal just making sure to keep the cover closed as much as you can to lock the smoke in.


Load the Smoking Wedgie

Simply add your smoking pellets or even wood chips. 


Light Your Wedgie

We use a simple torch but you may want to light yours with your grill, then move it.


Smoke Your Food

Move the Wedgie just out of the cooking area on your grill and the smoke will work its flavor magic on anything you cook.

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Turn your gas grill into a smoking grill with real wood flavor. “Professional smoke results in any grill”

After researching the many smoking devices on the market we found that almost all had flaws.

Most of them when you placed the cover on snuffed themselves out and some flamed up and burned up immediately. Some Rolled around and are in the way, some are way too complicated just to produce smoke and some are hanging and very cumbersome.

We wanted to design one that would smoke for over two hours and produce heavy dense smoke and one that was hidden in the grill and out of the way staying put and not complicated.

Best Pellets for the Smoking Wedgie?

We carry two brands that are perfect for the wedgie. Diamond M Pellets, and Lumberjack Pellets.

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