1 or 2 Wedgies with Smoker Pellets Variety Pack (Select up to 6 3-lb. Assortments at Checkout = min 9 lbs.)

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Get a single Smokin Wedgie and pellets for your Smokin Wedgie. The will add tons of smoke to your existing pellet grill, gas grill, charcoal grill, electric smoker, etc.

Lumber Jack Smoking Mix Pellets Sampler Pack (9-Pound Variety Box in 3 3-pound bags)

Choose from the following varieties:

  • Hickory 100%
  • Oak 100%
  • Maple 100%
  • Cherry 100%
  • Mesquite 100%
  • Oak-Hickory-Cherry Blend (OHC)
  • Maple-Hickory-Cherry Blend (MHC)
  • Maple-Beech-Cherry Blend (MBC)
  • Fruitwood (80% Charry/20% Apple)
  • Apple 100%

Note: reserves the right to send a Lumber Jack branded Wedgie instead of the original WEDGIE

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